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We take care of your home for you

Small works and repairing services
in Lisbon

The ideal service for those who need small repairs or assemblies

Home repairs in Lisbon

Don't know how to do fix things at home? Don't like it or like it but don't have the right tools? Don't worry, AMA’ Small Works and Repairing Service is the ideal solution.

In any division in the decoration of your home, outdoor spaces: terraces and gardens, stores or offices! Take a chance and re_change... everything!

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What does it include?

Our home repair service in Lisbon includes small works and repairing related functions, such as:
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture
  • Placement frames, mirrors, or frames
  • Electrical work such as mounting lamps or sockets

The practical and functional small works and repairing services are paid by the hour.

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