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Architecture Projects

We supply architecture and engineering projects within a turnkey service. From construction works regarding total or partial remodelling, to the last customize furniture detail and interior decoration.

Our construction sites and technical supervision are managed by our experienced architects and engineers, in order to obtain the best accuracy and professionalism. We ensure a technical follow-up with the client, from the very first step of the project to the last construction phase. Our quotations are free. Please, feel free to consult us.

  • City Council Licensing Projects
  • Modification Projects
  • Ampliation Projects
  • Legalization Projects
  • Restoration Projects
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Interior architecture projects

Our projects aim at the comfort and quality of spaces, dedicated to our customers' most desired requests. The interior architecture project intends to be a rigorous planning of all construction works.

We ensure a technical follow-up with the client throughout the process, from the idea to the conception of the work, visits to the finishing materials’ showrooms and decoration stores.

Turnkey Projects

  • Interior architecture or decoration project proposal
  • Map of Finishes: Definition of the materials to be included, duly identified and quantified
  • Map of Quantities: Materials are quantified in sqm or linear to obtain a strict construction quotation
  • Decoration: Identification in the design of all furniture and decorative accessories
  • Quotation: Arqama always presents a project’s quotation or a construction’s quotation to our clients

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